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How do I order if I am currently a student who will obtain a clinical license in the near future?

Without an active license to practice as a clinician, one needs to select Allied Healthcare Provider-Certificate of Completion Only in the credentials drop down when registering. However, before taking that examination, the person completes their licensure program and receives their clinical license. Then the person notifies us and provides validation of licensure at which time we change the credential from Allied Healthcare Provider to your respective licensed credential.

With this process in mind, one needs to decide when is the most appropriate time to purchase and register for NSHC’s program. Individuals will typically wait until closer to the time they receive their “active clinical license” before they purchase. You have 12 months from the time of purchase to use NSHC’s one complimentary test attempt, so several months out would be an appropriate “wait” time to purchase/register.

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