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Offering a path to become a Board Certified Nurse Coach with the NSHC Health Coaching Certification program

The NSHC is Advancing Evidence-based Health Coaching & Patient Engagement in Clinical Practice Around the Globe.

Offering a path to become a <span class="text-primary">Board Certified Nurse Coach</span> with the NSHC Health Coaching Certification program

Why Become a Certified Health Coach

NSHC is the only certifying body designed specifically for licensed health practitioners credentialed to coach those with moderate to high health risks, chronic conditions, and disease.

Better Work/Life Balance

Becoming a Certified Health Coach will open up opportunities for you. Whether you choose to escape the demanding, fast-paced hospital environment or start your own health coaching business, you will have more control over your time and life.

A More Satisfying Healthcare Career

Finally, feel like the Clinician that you always wanted to be! NSHC Certified Health Coaches create partnerships with patients/clients to help them achieve their desired health goals and best health outcomes.

Better Patient Outcomes

Decrease patient/client non compliance through health coaching. Reduce readmissions. Partner with your patients/clients to find their motivation to change.

Health Coaching Future

Shaping the Future of Health Coaching

The National Society of Health Coaches (NSHC) has received national and international recognition for its Certified Health Coach (CHC) certification program. It has been ranked as the #1 Most Popular Health Coach Certification by Exercise Science Guide, designated as the Most Prestigious Program in the Country by PTPioneer due to its strict certification eligibility requirements, and, listed among the Best Health Coach Certification Programs by Verywell Fit.

PTPioneer also rated NSHC’s program as one of the Top Health Coaching Programs for 2022. NSHC’s CHC certification is the only program that exclusively certifies licensed clinicians and practitioners.

How NSHC's Program Differs

The NSHC program is grounded by significant, peer-reviewed research, and is designed specifically for licensed or credentialed healthcare professionals.


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Designed for Clinicians By Clinicians

NSHC provides the only health coach certification program designed by nurses specifically for nurses and other licensed health practitioners.

Evidenced-Based for Better Outcomes

Evidence-based health coaching fosters partnering with patients to discover ambivalences that have been preventing health behavior change from happening. NSHC Certified Health Coaches take a “we” approach to safely guiding their patients through the behavior change journey.

Transitioning mindsets & behaviors

Recognize cues of behavior change readiness and use new skills of motivational interviewing to tap into the patient's own motivation to change.

Path to National Board Certification

The NSHC is proud to offer a path to a Nurse Coach Board Certification (NC-BC) credential. Our full Course has been prepared for the Registered Nurse certified through the NSHC who seeks to demonstrate an additional level of competence in Nurse Coaching through the attainment of the American Holistic Nurse Credentialing Center’s (AHNCC) Nurse Coach Board Certification (NC-BC). 

Health Coaching Credentialing

The National Society of Health Coaches is dedicated to advancing the use of Evidence-based Health Coaching (EBHC)® by clinicians and practitioners. The NSHC offers health coach certification exclusively to licensed health practitioners/clinicians who within their clinical practice engage individuals in wellness, prevention, chronic condition, and disease self-management, as well as those with moderate to high health risks.  The understanding of one’s general health and wellness cannot be separated from the coaching engagement.

NSHC’s health coach certification eligibility criteria are most stringent; requiring a current State or National license, registration, or certification to assess, plan, treat, implement and/or evaluate clinical interventions in clinical and wellness settings.  Upon learning this, many employers prefer their staff to be trained by the NSHC.

Registered Nurses are eligible for the full NSHC Health Coach Certification program as a path to become nationally board certified.

NSHC is Widely Recognized as the Leader in Coaching Certification for Healthcare Professionals

The National Society of Health Coaches sets the gold standard for Evidence-based Health Coaching (EBHC)® in clinical practice with the first Health Coaching Clinical Model with Motivational Interviewing for healthcare practitioners!  The model was first introduced in the summer of 2011 in North Carolina at the First Carolina Care CoachClinic®.

"I have already recommended CHC to my colleagues. It is important to empower clients to pursue their health goals and support them with evidence-based knowledge. This program is designed for clinicians and the materials and resources are high quality and evidence-based."

L. Briggins Tate RN, Jacksonville, FL

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